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Sucessful Blood Drive for Evan

by Bernadette Gorman 

GLOUCESTER CITY-They said, “You will probably get sixty donors because that is the average number in a six hour blood drive.”

HPIM1281 We said, “You don’t know Gloucester City.”

GLOUCESTER'S FINEST-City police and firemen wait their turn to donate blood.

  They said, “OK, perhaps you will get a turnout of seventy because of a specific patient’s need.”

We said, “You really don’t know Gloucester City.”

Forty eight hours before the blood drive they said, “We will send staff for eighty donors and see what happens.”

Well, in true Gloucester City spirit 116 pints of blood were donated in all at the Evan Goldglantz blood drive sponsored by the Gloucester City Board of Health and the American Red Cross on Sunday.

From the time the doors opened at the Gloucester Heights Fire Hall at 8:00AM the Red Cross was amazed at the steady flow of citizens willing to come out on a beautiful spring like Sunday to donate a pint of blood for a young man many did not know. Evan suffered third degree burns over most of his body in an accident at his home in November. He needs 100 pints of blood over the next few months for on-going treatment.

Among the many people who donated their blood for Evan were from left`Mae McHugh, Lou Sarlo, and Tom Edwards.HPIM1285

So, they came. The housewives stopping in early before the hustle and bustle of their day would start. The teachers , store managers, college coeds, and retirees. The dads who came after mass but before their child’s basketball game. The senior citizen who never donated before in his life. The police and firemen, school principal, and bus driver. The pastor and his family after services. The law enforcement officer from Gloucester County. The eager to assist senior from Bellmawr. The high school lad who stayed and helped. The twenty something year olds who were eager to give something back to their home town. The local politicians . Youth responding to an announcement on Facebook. So many came that more than a dozen donors were turned away at the door about 1:30ish.

HPIM1283 Kasey Gorman reads Red Cross literature at the registration table

And while everyone waited patiently, everyone agreed it was times like this that made you reflect on how we all have the potential to make a difference in someone’s life , even by just stepping up for less than an hour and holding out your arm. Voices of all ages were echoing the sentiment that Gloucester always rallys to take care of its own. So once again, in the face of tragedy, the beauty of the human heart and spirit shone brightly.

After all, this is Gloucester City!

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