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Wildwood boys beat Wildwood Catholic 51-33 in Boardwalk Basketball Classic
Robert Franceschini, age 79, of Gloucester City, Plumbers & Steamfitters Union member


CHEER-To Emily Erlink.  Her 12th birthday was December 10th.  At her request, her guests brought a bag of groceries instead of a gift to her party.  She then took the bags of groceries to the food bank in Gloucester City.  Way to go Emily!Cheersjeers

CHEER-The Bellmawr Junior Division Tri-County Conference Midget Football team concluded its season with a 14-13 Super Bowl win over Millville, giving  the team its first Super Bowl championship. The team finished with a 10-1 record and division title this season.

JEER-To those public officials responsible for moving the Camden City Methadone Clinic to a new location near the border of Camden City and Gloucester City. “They are creating a cast system by forcing the drug addicts on us”, writes William H. John. “The clinic should remain next to Cooper Hospital.”

Cheer-To the Borough of Bellmawr for having the courage to erect a sign on Creek Road that Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas. This may not be politically correct and it may offend some people — atheists and non-believers — but who cares. submitted by Frank Crosson

CHEER-To all of the local businesses and agencies who have taken the time to participate in Gloucester High School’s Work Based learning program. This program provides students with a chance to explore career opportunities while still in high school. They include: Adventure Aquarium, Ameral International, Applebee’s, Carr’s Hardware, Gloucester City Box Works, Gloucester City Fire Dept., Gloucester City Police, Home Depot, Nutri-Serve, Philly Pretzel Factory, Sheehan Veterinary Centre, Walmart, Wawa, and Westmont Bagels. Are you interested? Contact Rachael Clancy at 456-7000 ext. 1531 for more information.

CHEER-To the Brooklawn Police Department for posting photos of accused shoplifters arrested in the borough on the Department’s website. Studies show that shoplifting cost US retailers $25 million a day. Ultimately that cost is passed on to the consumer. Maybe by embarrassing these individuals they will stop committing this crime….we can dream. One thing for sure, the photos help other business owners to be on alert when one of these suspects enters their store.

CHEER- Mt. Ephraim Board of Commissioners opened up the December meeting by reading a proclamation publicly recognizing and applauding Freedom Ferry Captain Rodger Taylor, a Mt. Ephraim resident, and his crew for their actions taken on the afternoon of August 5. The Captain observed a woman in distress in the Delaware River and quickly activated his crew to commence a rescue effort. Deckhand Matthew Taylor jumped into the water to help save the woman and was assisted by Zachary Tannoia and Kevin Fisher in getting the woman to shore.

CHEER-The Mt. Ephraim Board of Commissioners appointed Marie Darlington recently as acting borough clerk. Congratulations Marie, good luck with your new job.

JEER – Albert Countryman writes, “A U.S. Senate seat for sale? How brazen has political corruption become?

Sure, there has been Tammany Hall – which controlled New York City in the late 1800s.  Their motto, “Vote Early, And Often.”

Then, there was the Teapot Dome Scandal, with major companies trying to influence federal legislation.

But, this latest episode takes the prize for blatant and obvious greed.

On December 9, Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich was arrested for trying to sell a seat in the U.S. Senate.

“I’ve got this thing (Senate seat) and its f……. golden and I’m just not giving it up for f……. nothing,” he said.

As for Barack Obama’s organization recommending someone to fill Obama’s senate seat now that he is the president-elect, Blagojevich said, “They’re (Obama’s group) not willing to give me anything except appreciation.”

What did the governor want in return for the Senate seat? According to the FBI, Blagojevich sought an ambassadorship, a position as secretary of health and human services, campaign funds, or a high-paying salary with a non-profit group or a group affiliated to labor unions. Also, he sought a high-paid position for his wife.

This is abhorrent, evil and criminal.

How did this guy ever become governor of Illinois?”

KUDO-To those who took the time to submit a Cheer or Jeer in 2008. Your help was greatly appreciated.

They include: Councilman Nick Marchese, Susan Cain, Bernadette Gorman, Robin and Tom Pierman, Lighthouse Baptist Church Pastor Dr. Jim Doster, Joseph Murphy, William H. John, Michael Kazmar, City News Publisher and Editor Albert Countryman, Gary Belfiglio, Sue Marzolinoir, Rutgers Professor Dr. Joseph Joiner, Connie Wilke, Patti Schaeffer, Paul Juray, Theresa Cowgill, Barb Birney, Bruce Darrow, Jack Heath, Frank Crosson, Rachel Clancy  and Joe Gorman. I apologize if I forgot anyone.

You too can make a difference, Margaret Mead a featured writer and speaker in the mass media throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s said it best, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Send your Cheer or Jeer to [email protected] or by snail mail: Gloucester City News, PO Box 151, (08030).

Notebook_and_pen ~BILL CLEARY

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