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Donating Blood for Accident Victim Evan Goldglantz
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Tips and Snippets: Did a 911 Dispatcher send a Rescue Crew to the wrong address?

Earlier in the week I received the  following information from a CNB reader in regards to our  November 17 story about Evan Goldglantz who was injured in an accident at his home on Division Street, Gloucester City

Bill, It appears that 911 dispatchers botched the call and sent the Camden City Fire Department to Division Street in Camden.  It was not until the dispatch came back as incorrect that the proper authorities were sent to help this man on Division St. in Gloucester City.  This delay could have exacerbated this man's condition.  From what I hear the dispatcher was either suspended or fired for their misconduct.  Please follow up on this lead as the family and friends of the victim are looking for answers.

One of my sources said that it was true, the 911 Dispatcher sent the Camden City Fire Department to Division Street in Camden. But that information has not been officially confirmed. Nor has it been confirmed officially that the dispatcher was either suspended or fired.

The question was asked of Herb Steelman an administrator in the Camden County Communications Department. As of today I am still waiting for his response. 

However, Camden County spokesperson Ron Tomasello said:

“The Camden County Department of Public Safety is currently investigating the report of an alleged misdirected 911 call. Until the investigation is concluded, it would be premature and inappropriate for the County to comment.”

On the day of the accident  Evan was working at his home to install a new kitchen that his family needed. At around 1pm that afternoon he decided to burn some excess debris in an outdoor burning stove. When lit, the winds picked up and ultimately a nearby gas can ignited and exploded onto Evan. Evan suffered 3rd degree burns over 92% of his body. The only part of him that was not burned was his feet.

He is presently being treated at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, One Medical Center Blvd., Upland PA 19103.

~Bill Cleary

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