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Donating Blood for Accident Victim Evan Goldglantz

 The family of Evan is asking anyone with type O neg. or O pos. blood is encouraged to go to a Red Cross center and tell them you want to donate your blood for Evan Goldglantz. You must specify it is to be used for Evan. To find a Red Cross near you call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE.

Evan, a Gloucester City NJ resident,  was injured in an accident on November 17th and was severely burned. He is presently being treated at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, One Medical Center Blvd., Upland PA 19103.

He will need a number of surgeries and the donated blood will be used to boost the hospital's supply.

From the family's website:

Evan Goldglantz is a loving husband, father, wonderful son and dear friend of many. Prior to this horrific accident Evan was self-employed and worked very hard to make sure that his beautiful family had a home and food in their mouth’s. Evan’s dream to provide a stable home and life for his family is in grave jeopardy.

On the afternoon of November 17, 2008 in Gloucester City Evan was working at his home to install a new kitchen that his family needed. At around 1pm that afternoon he decided to burn some excess debris in an outdoor burning stove. When lit, the winds picked up and ultimately a nearby gas can ignited and exploded onto Evan. Evan suffered 3rd degree burns over 92% of his body. The only part of him that was not burned was his feet.

Evan was in the top shape of his life. He worked out every other day and ate only the healthiest of foods. We believe that through God’s plan, Evan was preparing himself to fight through this horrible ordeal. Beyond all possible odds and beliefs Evan is still with us today fighting for his life. All friends, family, doctors and random people believe this to be an obvious MIRACLE.

However, Evan and his family need your help to make it through all of this. The doctors are saying that if Evan makes it through the next 5 weeks his chances of survival would drastically improve and although he could make it through this he is looking at years and years of physical therapy that would be financially stressful for him and his family.

Please help our Evan and his wonderful loving family through these horrible times. Donations can be made on the website through PayPal or mailed in. Please make checks out to “The Evan Goldglantz Fund”. We are also accepting donations for a Chinese auction which will be held December 5 at Pennsauken Country Club from 7pm to midnight. Thank you for all of your donations and most of all, your prayers.

Please write on the website so when Evan comes home he can read how much love is in the world so that he can stay strong and fight the very long battle ahead of him and his family. We love you all, God Bless!


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