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Gloucester City: "A New Look for Broadway"

Train_derailed_and_new_signs_034 The banners honoring 68 residents of Gloucester City who made the Ultimate Sacrifice in the defense of our country have been placed along Broadway.

There were three from the Civil War, five from World War I, forty-nine from World War II, two from the Korean War and one from the War on Terror.

           Each banner is 2 foot by 4 foot with a picture or a symbol, when a photo is not available the name, the date and location of death and the war.

The banners will be flown from the existing poles along Broadway during Train_derailed_and_new_signs_029 the months of May and November.

The City also has erected new street lamps along Broadway and the strings of lights that hung across the highway for several years have been removed.

~ Bill Cleary


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