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Gloucester City NJ: Memories From The Past

Memories From The Past: Gloucester City Police Dept. Circa 1950's


Circa 1950

MEMORIES FROM THE PAST-A train wreck in Gloucester City. It is hard to determine exactly where in the City and exactly what year it occurred. Inspecting the scene is former City Police Chief Thomas Wikelspecht.

Who would have thought that photos and memorabilia from the 1950’s would end up in Waco, Texas?  Well sometimes strange things happen and this is one of those times.

Memories_1 Recently the estate of former Gloucester City Police Chief Thomas Wikelspecht was holding a public auction. Wikelspecht retired from the department 48 years ago in 1960 and has since passed away. He was chief from August 2, 1952 to December 3rd, 1960.

Among some of the items were a photo of a train wreck in Gloucester City, 1950’s portraits of members of the department, crime scene photos, a City police uniform, department stationery, badges and keys.

Circa 1950

Photo:Members of the Gloucester City police department at a social event. Front, unknown, Patrolman Frank Keebler, unknown, unknown, Patrolman Jackson, Patrolman Earl Moore. Back sitting: unknown, unknown, Patrolman Schili, Patrolman John Verfaille, Patrolman John Gallagher, unknown, unknown.Enlarge click on photo.

A relative of Wikelspecht contacted the City Police Department and asked if anyone was interested in bidding on the items.

Enter Gloucester City Patrolman Kenneth Iepson, a history buff and collector of police mementos. Iepson put in a bid for the items and the other day the package arrived.

“I was only interested in the old triangle patch members of the City Police Department wore. I received two with this stuff. Now I am looking for the radio patch that the officers from that era wore.

“I am having the uniform cleaned. And I will pack it away in a safe place along with the photos etc. And someday who knows there might be a “Cop Room” built to display such tokens from the past”.

Note: If anyone has City police memorabilia send a note via Email to And Patrolman Iepson will get in touch with you.

~Bill Cleary