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Cheers and Jeers for the month of October

Bill's Point of View:

Cheers: To Gloucester City Mayor William P. James, Ted Howarth,  Ed Walens and members of  the Mayor's Executive Committee for their outstanding dedication and work on the "Hometown Heroes" Banner Project. The banners look wonderful along Broadway. Thank you, gentlemen, for your community spirit and respect to our Favauthor fallen citizens and their families. And Kudos to Rick Waddington and Billy Underwood of the Highway Department for the great job they did hanging up the "Fallen Heroes" Banners. Their hard work is a credit to the community. Submitted by Rutgers Professor Dr. Joseph Joiner

JEERS- To those people who insist on using the public trash cans on Broadway to dump bags of  personal garbage.  In doing so they leave no room for litter that people carelessly throw on the sidewalks. These trash bags smell rank. The bags attract vermin including squirrels that jump in, rip apart the bags and distribute it throughout the street when they're running away.  Is this just another symptom of the decline of owner inhabited properties in Gloucester City that have been replaced with renters who don't care about our City? Submitted by Sue Marzolino

CHEERS-To Gloucester City Police Sergeant Steven Burkhardt and his K-9 partner, Eich, for their informative lecture to the Psychology of Adjustment class at Rutgers-Camden. As a result, the students have a better understanding of the life of a police officer, and they have a more accurate view of the City of Gloucester. PS: Folks, you want to book these two for a speaking engagement with your organization. Submitted by Rutgers Professor Dr. Joseph Joiner

JEERS-To people who park unlicensed/unregistered vehicles and trailers on their property, on city parking lots and in the streets. The same goes for people who store trash, junk and debris on their property. These eyesores affect the quality of life in the neighborhoods were they are located. To report a violation (s) call the Housing Office, the department that is responsible for enforcing the law, at 456-7689

CHEERS-To the Phillies on winning the 2008 World Series. At this time in our history it is nice to have a cheerful diversion in our lives. 

JEERS-To Chase Utley, “Profanity is a lazy mine trying to express itself by force,”  Sister Martha Mary OP

JEERS-To the Philadelphia judge who released the thug who shot and killed Philadelphia Police Officer Patrick McDonald in September.  God Bless Him and his Family!!! Judges should be held more accountable for releasing these thugs! Submitted by Baby Boy Blue

JEERS-To the City for spending $4 million to house 12 people at the Chatham Square Apartments.  Why not demolish the apartments and build small ranchers for the 55- year- old and over group. There isn't a decent place in our community for this age group to go if they don't want to rent a shoe-box apartment. I don't usually complain about our government, but they really blew it this time. Who's idea was it to pay this much money for them anyway? Submitted by Paul


CHEERS-To the following businesses from the southern end of town who have been in Gloucester City for many years. They keep their properties neat and clean and are an asset to the community. They include:

React Environment, Jack’s Auto Repair, Vitale’s Restaurant, Nellie’s Provisions, Carpenter Reality, Charles Pike Construction Inc., Esti Jewelry, A Little Trim, Industrial Service and Supply, Matt’s Automotive. And the stainless steel fabricator at the end of Brick Street.

It would be nice if some of the city officials (if they haven’t done so already) would visit these businesses to introduce themselves and to see for themselves how well they keep up the appearances of their businesses. Submitted by Connie Wilke


If you have a Cheer or Jeer to submit for the November column submit it to [email protected]. Or send it to Bill c/o Gloucester City News, PO Box 151, (08030).The column appears regularly at the end of each month.

~Bill Cleary