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Tips and Snippets: Graffiti, Professional Posts up for grabs, Term Limits for Politicians, New Business Arrives


GLOUCESTER CITY-Bill Waters who has been writing about the graffiti problem in Gloucester City is continuing his crusade to bring it to the forefront so that the City launches an all out campaign to clean up these eyesores.

Bill writes, “The "artwork" on the RR control box at Monmouth Street New_tavern_and_signs_011 has been recently expanded--now filling the entire "canvas" and was not included in the photos that I gave to you last month; and the red "Eat Me" directly across from the mayor's residence is a recent add-on. 

“I find it amazing that the epicenter for graffiti in our town seems to be the mayor's intersection. Especially considering he's an ex-policeman, this shows the boldness of the perpetrators and the pervasiveness of the problem.

Graffiti_pictures_021 “I voted for the mayor, and I think overall he's doing a very commendable job.  But he's got to get outraged about this problem and understand how the decline of a neighborhood starts with litter and unremoved graffiti.  Just look at Fairview.”

The photo of the same RR box on the left at Monmouth and the railroad was taken six weeks ago...

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The City of Gloucester City is soliciting statements of qualifications for applicants for the appointment of the following professional positions. Proposals will be accepted up until 3 PM on October 22. Listed are the positions along with the names of the individual or firm that presently holds the position.

City Administrator Paul Kain, Attorney John Kearney Esq., Engineer Craig Remington, Prosecutor Paul Doherty, Auditor Bowman and Bowman, Bond Counsel Parker and McCay Law Firm.

Planning Board Attorney Anthony Cospa, Planning Board Engineer CES, Planning Board Planner Larry Waetzmer, Board Of Health Attorney Mike Bonner, Public Defender Charles Wigginton Esq., Grants Application & Management Consultant Triad Associates.

Several sources in the know said the contract for one of these individuals will not be renewed. But we will have to wait until January when the new contracts are announced before we find out the name of that person.

To read the complete requirements for the positions Click Link

The trial of former State Senator Wayne Bryant is winding down. The defense was directed to have their witnesses ready by this coming Monday. The Star Ledger ( reported on (October 16) a witness for the prosecution said between 2002 and 2006, Bryant was paid approximately $250,000 for his position with the Gloucester County Board of Social Services. He was also eligible for credits toward his state pension, as well as medical and dental coverage.

Prosecutors allege that Bryant fraudulently inflated his pension with the county position from 2002 to 2006, and his anticipated annual payments grew from $28,000 to $81,268. Bryant, a Democrat, was a representative for Camden and Gloucester Counties. After being indicted he decided not to seek reelection. His pension has been frozen until a verdict is handed down.

The only way to stop political corruption is to limit the terms of office both on the state and federal level. Wishful thinking I know but that is the answer to this ongoing problem. These individuals are shameless and a disgrace to the office they hold. Keep taking until you get caught is the mantra for some these politicians both Republican and Democrat.

New Businesses Open in Gloucester City-The Auld Dubliner, 157 S. Burlington Street, Gloucester City held it’s Grand Opening on Thursday. What a fantastic job the owners did on the building both outside and inside.

Two months ago the City welcomed The Pretzel Factory, Broadway and Division Street. And we can't forget to mention the improvement the new Gloucester City Plumbing Supply building has made to the south entrance of the City.

If you drive by 4th and Jersey Avenue where the old Sports Corner once stood construction has begun on a proposed new restaurant.

And if you are interested in buying a bar/restaurant in Gloucester City there are several up for sale. For example, the owners of the bar at 301 Essex Street are asking $499,900 according to TREND the real estate listing service. Also Cheerleaders, Rt. 130 and Reading Avenue asking price, a whopping $1.9 million, the Red Mill, 509 S. Broadway, $165,000, and 500 Jersey Avenue, $280,000. All include a liquor license.

For more for sale listings of commercial properties in Gloucester City go to this link:

~ Bill Cleary

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