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Broadway Redevelopment Committee Picks Up The Pace
Gloucester City Council Meeting Agenda, Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gloucester City: Mayor and Council Working on Graffiti Problem

Gloucester City Mayor William James released the following statement regarding the ongoing graffiti problem in our community. It reads as follows, 

“Yes I am outraged and furious over the graffiti in town and mayor and council have been working with the public works department in an identification of location, photographing for documentation and evidential purposes, removal and monitoring.

“ Furthermore we do have ordinances and state laws that prohibit this type of destructive behavior and are and have been investigating more aggressive ordinances throughout the state as well as doing legal research on some of our own ideas like the prohibition of possession of all devices capable of aiding a person to commit an act of graffiti such as Sharpies, Permanent Markers, and spray paint. 

“We would like to incorporate an age restriction and "a for no lawful purpose" clause as well as substantial fines and a parental responsibility clause as well... 

“Thanks to everyone who is staying on top of this issue, it is a serious quality of life concern and Mayor and Council will not leave it unaddressed but instead will aggressively develop a plan to eradicate all graffiti in town the moment it is observed on both public and private properties.”

Note: The graffiti on the RR Box at Monmouth Street and railroad has been cleaned. The photo of the damaged done to that box by vandals is shown in the link below.~Bill Cleary

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