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When East Meets West: The Moon-Viewing Festival

Commentary by Hank Miller Jr.

A Moon-Viewing Festival is usually held in the middle of September when the air is clear and the moon is at its most beautiful.

Imgp0647 This traditional custom is said to have originated from farmers’ religious observances to ensure a good harvest. People used to make offerings to the full moon, such as rice dumplings, a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables with Japanese pampas grass and bush clovers, and pray for the realization of their wishes More often than not, friends were invited to join in the pleasant event and admire the beautiful moon.

Moon viewing also created a poetic atmosphere.

Court nobles and men of letters often enjoyed composing short poems, while looking at the moon. Moon viewing today is not as refined as before, since many people find themselves very busy these days. But there are still a few people who get together at this time of year and appreciate the beauty and serenity of the moon as well as the stars in this country side where I reside, while having a barbecue in their yards and chatting, eating and drinking.

Warm Regards from Kitakyushu City, Japan

Enjoy a Very Wonderful Fall Season,

Hank F. Miller Jr.

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