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Gloucester City v. Chatham Square Tenants eviction case will be held Thursday, October 2nd at 8:45 AM in the Hall of Justice Building, Camden. The case Favauthor_2 will be heard in landlord/tenant court by Camden County Judge Michael Kassel in room 63. City Solicitor John Kearney will be representing the interest of the taxpayers.

The City of Gloucester purchased the 100 unit Chatham Square Apartment complex earlier this year for $4.1 million.

After settlement an audit of the financial records was performed to determine if those in the 41 occupied units were legitimate tenants. When the audit was completed 32 residents were sent eviction notices for nonpayment of their rent or security deposits, said Kearney.

Tenants are being asked to produce proof of their rent payments. And in some cases show proof that they made a security deposit.

Thursday’s case is the first of two hearings for the tenants. Some will be in court this week. The case against the remaining tenants will be held the following week.

Moving on……

I received a TIP about a hiring mistake that could cost the Gloucester City taxpayers some big money. The matter involves the City Fire Department, seven firemen, the City Administrator and the New Jersey Department of Personnel (DOP) Merit Board.

The facts are fuzzy but may become clearer after a payroll audit of the City Fire Department ordered by the DOP is completed. If my source is correct some firemen who were employed within the last two years were not hired within the DOP guidelines.  I am looking for some help with this matter. Write me at [email protected].  The DOP website is located here

A final thought…..I have read and read again the recent columns written by Rich Luongo giving his opinion about the Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama.  I cannot find one racist remark in any of them. To his critics I ask you to point out the sentence or sentences you are referring too as being racist. It is apparent that Rich doesn’t feel Mr. Obama is the right choice for president. But that doesn’t make him a racist. Nor should it make anyone else who is against Obama a racist.

Mr. Luongo is a respected journalist with a distinguished career and background in journalism. I have the utmost respect for this individual. I guarantee you he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.

Finally as editor of this site I accept the blame for the misspelling of the last name of the GOP vice-presidential candidate in one of Luongo’ columns. What a ridiculous argument. I’ll correct it.

Some of the recent comments on the presidential race we are receiving are so preposterous they are laughable. Example, calling the Democrats in Gloucester City “racist rednecks” because there are no Obama for president signs posted on the Club’s headquarters.  Really!

In my travels I have been looking for Obama signs and I can’t find any in other cities either. The reason given to me by the local Democrats is that there are none available. “Those in charge of Mr. Obama’s campaign are using the monies on other things like costly television commercials,” said one Dem.

I for one never gave much attention to those political signs anyway. To me they are unattractive and hang around too long after the election is over.

By Bill Cleary

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