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Gloucester City in spat with some new tenants
David S.B. Chew Jr., of Gloucester City, Korean War Army Veteran/formerly of Oak Valley, Deptford

Gloucester City Council Caucus Meeting Agenda

Thursday, September 18, 2008 7:00 P.M.

313 Monmouth Street


  1. Call to Order:  
  2. Pledge of Allegiance:

3.    Roll Call:

4.    Sunshine Law: This meeting is being held in conformance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act, otherwise known as the "Sunshine Law".  It has been legally noticed in accordance with the law and copies have been given to those requesting the same.

5.    Public Comment Period: The Governing Body, in accordance with P.L. 2002, c. 80, have adopted the following guidelines relative to the Public Comment Period (PCP) at Caucus, Worksession, Special and Emergency Meetings of the Mayor and Common Council of Gloucester City: The PCP shall occur at the beginning of each meeting; it shall be no longer than one half-hour in length; every person wishing to speak may do so once during the period for no longer than five minutes.  No changes have been made for the PCP of the regular monthly meetings. 

6.    Minutes of the Previous Meeting(s):  July 7, July 17, July 24, August 4, 21, 28, Sept. 2, 12 distributed

7.    Reports:    I.    Departmental Reports

II.    Committees of Council:

  1. Celebrations

b)    Finance & Administration

        c)    Fire

  1. Housing
  2. Licensing
  3. Police

g)    Public Works

8.    Licenses:     St. Mary's R. C. Church Raffle License Off Premise

May 17, 2009


9.    Resolutions:

R229    Placing Municipal Charges on Tax Properties Where Service Work was Ordered by the Gloucester City Housing Department and Performed by the Gloucester City Public Works Department

R230    Authorizing Adjustments on the Planning and Zoning Board Escrow Account

R231    Authorizing Refunds on the Planning and Zoning Board Escrow Account

R232    Authorizing Senior and Veterans Deductions

R233    To Correct Billing Charges on Utility Records

R234    To Return OverPayments on Various Utility Records

R235    Designating Salaries for Non Represented Employees Serving in Titles with Salary Ranges

R236    Authorizing Refund of Fire Safety Permit for Gloucester City Shamrock Festival Event

R237    Authorizing Renewal of 2008-2008 Plenary Retail Consumption, Plenary Retail Distribution and Club Licenses

R238    Authorizing a Person-to-Person Transfer of Plenary Retail Consumption Liquor License 0414-33-029-007

R238    Authorizing A Person –to-Person and Place-to-Place Transfer of Plenary Retail Consumption Liquor License 0414-33-030-002


10.    Ordinances:

for second reading and public hearing to be held on September 25, 2008

O18    Amending Chapter 87, Article III, Section 87-16 of the Code of Gloucester City Entitled Fifteen Minute Parking


11.    Old Business:


12.    New Business:


13.    Communications:

a)    Welsbach Progress Report

b)    From VFW – waiver of fee for pull tab

14.    Round Table:

15.    Closed Session:  Resolution #R      -2008 to enter into closed session for discussion of:

16.    Adjournment