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Vera M. Simpkins, age 83, of Mt. Ephraim
New Jersey: Don't Feed The Bears!

Now here is a Unique Idea: Officials broach the possibility of changing the form of government


She pointed out that the idea was talked about by a previous administration.  In 2003, a four-member subcommittee was formed during the administration of Mayor James McGeary to explore whether it would be appropriate to change the city’s political configuration. Kienzle, who served on that subcommittee, said its members supported making changes, but no action was taken by City Council. She said having a city manager would make more sense for a city in which most of its council members hold full-time jobs. It would be more efficient use of time and money, she said, if the city administrator did not have to always call a council member when action needed to be taken. Kienzle acknowledged that there would need to be limits on how much authority the city manager would have, particularly regarding how much spending could be authorized before requiring the governing body’s approval.