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Gloucester City's War Veterans are Priceless

Letters: Pleasant Memories of St. Mary’s HS/Gloucester Catholic

I graduated from St. Mary's Catholic High School in 1943. The same year, I received notice that I was drafted in the U.S. Army.

  Sister sent a letter to the draft board asking that I could graduate before entering the army. As long as I kept up my grades and maintained good averages, I was allowed to graduate. If I failed, I had to report to the draft board.

  I was able to graduate in June. Sister Maria DeChantal gave me a medal and made me promise to wear it at all times. I taped it to my dog tags.

  Having being wounded, and serving in the Battle of the Bulge, I retuned home.

  I showed Sister the medal, which she had given me.

  I have many happy memories of St. Mary's now called Gloucester Catholic. It truly is a sad day for Gloucester. I am sorry to hear of this plan to leave Gloucester City.

Charles W. Bastien

Class of '43 St. Mary's

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