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Letters: Fellow Catholics Should Band Together And Unite As One


Petition Ask Bishop Galante to Keep St.Anne's Church  Open!

Recently Bishop Joseph A. Galante had announced that many of the Catholic Churches of the Camden Diocese were to be merged or closed all together.

    I started a petition drive for St. Anne's Church in Westville that collected more than 800 signatures. I personally delivered these petitions myself to the Bishops office. Of course I was met before I could approach by security.

    I was however politely told without an appointment I could not enter the building. The guard was extremely polite and offered to deliver the package for me, and he did, my thanks to him.

    I did however wonder what the Bishop feared that you could not even see a secretary to try to make an appointment:click link below


Finally, three weeks later I received a reply, a two-sentence letter. Needless to say how thrilled I was?

Did I mention that the Bishop's reply was also addressed to both my mother and I. Funny thing, as I know I delivered her letter as well as mine in two different envelopes.

  Not one word was written by the Bishop of any of the contents of the petitions or letters, this by our leader of the Catholic Church of the Camden Diocese. We all know by now our pleas fall on deaf ears.

  Now I urge all Catholics in the Diocese of Camden to band together and unite with the Bishop and help him on his "quest" to destroy the Church, as well as our Faith.

  I call upon all fellow Catholics to band together and unite as one.

Instead of giving to the House of Charity or any other Camden Diocese plea for money to be donated, give to a charity of your choice instead. Give your donation directly. I realize the need for some mergers, but not on the grand scale such as this.

  It seems that money is the issue, and not the faith or belief in God. In my opinion, Bishop Galante is destroying all of this. So again, maybe we should follow our leader. He did this in Texas.

  I guess some things are not so big in Texas anymore, and now he is doing the same thing in South Jersey.

  As I uncover more information, and what I call deceit, the more appalled I am. I just wish a little more common sense was used instead of irrational decisions.

    Is the Bishop using a hatchet to chop down a mighty old oak tree so he can burn the wood and sweep away the ashes (us)?

Ken Edwards, Westville