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Gloucester County: World War II Monument is Missing

By Bill Cleary

Verga New Jersey-Gene “Jeep” MacAdams, of Brooklawn is looking for some information about a World War II monument that was once Verga located on Old Crown Point Road across the street from Captain’s Cat.

MacAdams said his name along with the names of his five brothers were among the 100 that were inscribed in the stone monument.

“We originally lived in National Park. During WW II our mother had four Stars in the windows of our home representing her four sons who were serving in the Armed Forces.”

They included: Charles W. MacAdams, US Army, Europe/ Normandy to Czech. Charles received three Purple Hearts and three Bronze Stars for valor etc.

Joseph S. MacAdams, U.S. Marine Corp who fought in Europe and in the Pacific.

Gene “Jeep” MacAdams, U.S. Navy who served in an Advance Base Unit in the South Pacific.

Edwin J. MacAdams, U.S. Navy, who served aboard the USS Salisbury Sound in the South Pacific.

“Come the Korean War, mother added two more Stars to the window, when brothers Horace MacAdams, U.S. Army and Reynolds MacAdams, U.S. Air Force enlisted”, said Jeep.

MacAdams said he along with three of his brothers (Charles, Joe and Ed) were all charter members of the VFW Post 6884, National Park.

Joe, Ed, Reynolds are deceased.

“I am hoping that we can find the monument erected in 1945 shown in the photo. It is sad to think that it just disappeared. The monument belongs in Verga. It is a fitting tribute to those who served in World War II”, said MacAdams.

Continuing, “This is not a MacAdams issue; all those who had their names on that monument are heroes. The monument should be returned to its rightful place”.

If you have any information about the monument or what happen to it contact MacAdams at or by phone, 609-390-1729 or 609-425-8860.

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