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Across the Pond: Brooklawn and ShopRite in the News

Bill’s Tips and Snippets for Thursday July 17th

The last independent pharmacy in Gloucester City will be closing For_letters its doors on Tuesday, July 22. RxD Pharmacy at 525 Monmouth Street has been located at that address for 25 years. Kings Pharmacy at Market and Broadway closed a few years ago after serving the community for over 50 years.

City residents will still have a choice between CVS Pharmacy at 417 South Broadway or Lipkins Pharmacy in nearby Brooklawn.

It is sad to see the “Mom and Pop” stores get eaten up by the big chains.

No matter how hard the CVS, Walgreens and other corporations try they will never compare with the personal touch you receive when you walk into a privately own business where everyone knows your name.

Thanks Steve for the TIP

At long last the environmental cleanup at the Klemm Avenue and Highland Blvd. intersection in Gloucester City has been completed. The work to remove contaminants dumped their many years ago by the defunct Welsbach Gas Mantle Co began in 2005. Both roads are now open to traffic.

RE: OPRA REQUEST submitted by the Gloucester City News

Dear Mr. Countryman, “The information requested in your OPRA dated June 27, 2008, refers to confidential, inter-agency, intra-agency advisory, consultative, and or deliberative material and is therefore exempted from the Open Public Records Act.”

Paul Kain, City Administrator/Municipal Clerk

I am told The City News plans to file a request with the NJ Government Records Council to decide the matter.       Related City News files OPRA request


The last few days I have been overwhelmed with all the comments. Yesterday for example 61 comments were received. Most are criticizing the City School Board and Administration for not hiring local candidates for teaching positions in the District. Thanks to everyone for sharing your views.

Once again I urge you to stay away from name calling, no profanity, along with making accusations without proof. To those submitting 300 words essays; most people are going to skim over those long boring remarks or not read them at all. You can make your point in less words if you try. And finally if you see something that is untrue or out of line DO NOT POST A COMMENT, instead contact me via Email [email protected]

TODAY’S BLOG NEWS has a comment on a study completed recently on the business climate in New Jersey. The results of the Study are a troubling sign for New Jersey’s economic future.

Please click on the link below to read the full column...


Corzine Wrong on Offshore Drilling

The Blog   condemns Governor Corzine and his Democrat cohorts for blocking offshore drilling for oil. They write, “ Next time you pull up to the gas station and notice that the prices have increased since your last visit, you can blame Jon Corzine and all of the other "no drilling in my backyard" politicians who are opposed to drilling for oil in the outer continental shelf along America's coast. 


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