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Bill's Tips and Snippets for Friday/Board not Adv. in Local Paper

A question was asked today in a comment if the Gloucester City School 75_pixels District advertised teacher positions in the Gloucester City News in the past month.

According to the publisher of the Gloucester City News, Albert Countryman, there have been no advertisements for any positions placed in the Gloucester City News by the School District in three months. The Gloucester City News is designated as one of the District’s legal newspapers.

The question that comes immediately to mind is where has the Gloucester City School District been advertising for help? And why haven’t the ads been placed in the local newspaper? The other legal newspaper is the Courier Post.

By now everyone knows that the City School District recently hired an English teacher.  From what I have been able to find out one local resident, David Knecht, did submit a resume for the position in late May early June. However he was told by “people in the know” that the job went to someone else. As such he applied elsewhere and was hired. Mr. Knecht graduated in 2004 from Gloucester City High School with honors. And he recently graduated from The College of New Jersey also with honors.

~Bill Cleary

PS. It doesn't mean the District did anything illegal just because the legal notice for job opening (s) were not placed in the Gloucester City News. The advertisement (s) may have been placed in the Courier Post. And if so one would have to ask the question why not place the legal notice also in the local paper.

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