Contaminated groundwater lawsuit awards $67 million; Gloucester City and Camden City to receive part of the settlement
The Ultimate Sacrifice

Wednesday's Tips and Snippets by Bill

Update: I have been able to view part of the email correspondence between Gloucester City Administrator Paul Kain and Reporter Councilman Nick Marchese, City Council Finance Chairman. If you recall it was one of the Hot Topics  of discussion among readers of ClearysNotebook in the past week. When Mayor Bill James was asked about a conflict between the Finance Chairman and the City Administrator, the mayor said that the City was in the midst of contract negotiations with Kain. “There are times when things become heated and that is to be expected.”

After reading one page it is evident that there is more going on than just heated contract talks. It is my opinion that two important people involved in the everyday workings of City government are at odds with one another. And have different notions on how the City should be operated.


Councilman Marchese on June 6 via E-mail had asked Administrator Kain if his report was available on the meeting held a week before about the Freedom Pier development at the former Coast Guard Base. Kain sent a “curt” response via E-mail the following day to Councilman Marchese. And also to members of council, the deputy clerk Kathy Jentsch, Gina Dunphy UEZ office, Police Chief William Crothers, Frank Robertson and Bowie Johnson at the public works department.

Plus a CC: was sent to Fire Chief Brian Hagan, Joe Stecklair, Housing inspector, Joanne Marone, tax collector, Robert Saunders at a cooper hospital E-mail address, John Dymond, tax assessor and to the Community Office. Also the E-mail was sent to a person with the E-mail address of Gorman-Kain, and to a person with the E-mail address of James Ferry

I will be releasing more information about the E-mail later in the week.

In the meantime the Blog:  has an article about Governor Corzine's E-mail Fiasco: A Profound Lack of Judgment?

Governor Corzine's refusal to release e-mails exchanged with Carla Katz, head of the CWA, despite a Court Order to do so, is troubling. The Governor is claiming executive privilege and, although he continues to fight the Court Order, he recently acknowledged that because of his upcoming battle for re-election, he may accede to the Court’s wishes and release the e-mails. State Republican Chairman Tom Wilson had requested the communications soon after the CWA and the Governor’s Office came to agreement regarding a new contract last year. In May, Superior Court Judge Paul Innes decided that the e-mails constituted public information and ordered them released. While the Governor is concerned that his refusal to turn over the e-mails will be an issue when he runs for re-election, he is missing the bigger picture: his lack of judgment regarding the exchange of the e-mails in the first place.

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Miller Avenue Dog still up for Adoption...

Hi Bill, Remember the dog I finally caught on Miller Avenue in January? Well she is still up for adoption.  Many people were so concerned about her so would you post this....maybe someone would be interested. 

Thanks. Joyce Moyer

As for the JEER to the City’s Parking Enforcement Officer for giving my granddaughter a parking ticket for blocking the sidewalk. The car bumper was over handing the sidewalk but there was still room for people to walk.

A person commented,

The same thing happened to my husband and I two separate times.

One time my husband was parked in our driveway with his truck (our car was parked there also because he was driving away and forgot something inside the house.  His truck bed was over the sidewalk but not in the street. The sidewalk was blocked but there was plenty of room to walk on the lip of the driveway without going into the street.  The enforcement officer gave us a ticket anyway.

Another time, our daughter brought our grandsons to our house and my husband told her to pull the van in the driveway because 1) it was sweeper day; and 2) we don't like our daughters to get the kids out of their cars on Powell Street. People travel much too fast on Powell. She got a ticket.

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