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Gloucester City Adult Summer league Preview June 29th games

        Hoop4_2 Written by THE TRUTH

6:15 GAMES

Caps Café (Teal team) +15 ........ Jacks Twin Bar (Blue)

Jack’ had a tough game last Sunday against THE DREAM TEAM but bounce back against the Dark Green Team. We expect Derrick a.k.a. “Superman” to have a big game against an under size Teal Team. We do expect however for the Rebstock tandem to do work against a weak zone defense the Blue Team plays.

Gloucester Liquors (Orange)+8.......  Sal &Pats (Dark Green)

This game could be closer than people think. Matt “HGH” Wilke has been practicing down the Sea Isle courts and looks ready to play.

He will need his other team-mates Kevin "Get em”Flynny and Pat “ACE” Hagan to step up. The Dark Green Team has been playing better with the late addition of “Beats”.  Against the talented Blue Team, Beats played the best game of his life.

We expect the “BIG TICKET” to have his usual 20 and 12 night.

7:15 GAMES

NY Style Pizza (Lime Green) +25 ............. Highland Tavern A(Yellow)

This could be an interested game. John “Kobe” Peirman has been aHoops_1 workhorse for the Green team. He will be guarding though by Josh”Mcgrady” Cassidy with help by the man they call “C-NOTE. If Tony “layups Guide can finish, they should have no problem. 

OH! Hara’s (Purple) +4........ Schileens Pub (Grey)

This could be an upset in the making. Steve “Pull the Trigger”Huntsinger has been heating up lately. We think that Mike” Hardcore” Becker will help make this game close or even a upset. The X factor could be Cody “Smarts” Gorman.

8:15 games

Crew Cuts (Red)......  even.........  Dog House Pub (Baby Blue)

This is the battle of the “HAWKER” brothers. We think this game is too close to call. Both teams are evenly matched. The matchup we are looking forward to the best Matkowski player Mike vs. Rob " The Tank” Pease.

The games are played down Johnson Blvd. at Nicholson Road, Sunday and Hoops_3 Monday nights starting at 6:15.

Come down have a few laughs and support the league and the sponsors.