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Letters: Wow. Well played, Mr. Gurchick. Well played...

When a major or minor celebrity dies it's on every major and not so
major website on the internet, you'll hear about it for months... Did
those celebrities really change your life?

The other day on ClearysNoteBook the announcement read.........Breaking News......

It has been confirmed that Tom Gurchick, a retired Gloucester City High
Teacher was fatally injured on Friday afternoon when he lost control of
his car and hit a tree near the corner of Morris Street and Johnson
Blvd. Funeral arrangements will be announced as soon as they become

This man has never acted in a single movie. Instead, he was just a
simple science teacher from a small town of Gloucester City, NJ. He
taught practically my whole family including members in two different

They say the best way to cope is to write or read a story.

It's not a big secret that I was a lower then average student. Was I
extremely smart? Definitely. Just lazy, not interested. I easily failed
the first marking period with the lack of homework, test scores, and

He had the habit of letting us grade each others papers. Only rule is
you pass to the left so you didn't get to chose your trade partner. I
was lucky enough to have Ron Sellers next to me. Not exactly a nice
guy, but in the same situation as me. So naturally, we "helped" each
other out, and we started pulling good test and quiz grades. Gurchick
was impressed. It almost felt good to get his approval with these

So with test/quizzes being only 30% of our grade I started doing my
homework every night. Then when projects came up, I actually did them.
Did very well too. The whole time I was proud because "I'm cheating the
system". I'm pulling a 97 in this class and cheating to do it! When
announcing grades he made it a point to point out how we went from an F
to an A in a single marking period. Not many people have ever done
that. This lasted for the last two marking periods. I finished with a
98% for the year, including mid-terms and final exams that couldn't
really be cheated on.

The last day of class he called me over to his desk and told me he knew
the whole time.

Actually he said "You classclowns have been cheating
since October 12th". Confused, I asked him why... He told me it was the
only way I could get you to learn the material. As time went on, he
said he saw less and less cheating on our tests and quizzes and more
correct answers the first time.

Wow. Well played, Mr. Gurchick. Well played...

signed,  Mike

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