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Letters: This Holiday Season Remember Their Sacrifices

Hi Gang-

With the holiday season upon us, I ran across this really fabulous organization that assists Americans in sending care packages to our troops in harms way.

Whether you agree with the war or oppose it, these brave men and women are just doing their extremely risky jobs.  They have very little to remind them of home, their friends and families.  Some don't even get mail. 

Supporting them can be as simple as writing them a letter, letting them know you are thinking of them.  You may find this not only to be very rewarding emotionally for yourself, but maybe you make a new friend!  Who couldn't use another true friend?

If you can afford it or feel it appropriate, their needs are vast.  Snacks, movies, magazines, cards, games, phone cards, toys (to give to Afghan & Iraqi children to earn their trust), shirts, name it.  The site is easy to use, it lets you read exactly what each "group" has requested.  There is no middleman, you send the package directly to the contact person on the list.  You can pick the branch of service you'd like to support.  You can even choose to send it to a man or a woman.

I really think this is a great cause and hope you and your family will consider even the most modest gift to our brothers and sisters in the military.

Here is the link... 

More info about the site from Fox News

Thanks again for your consideration and generosity!

Happy Holidays-

Bill Braddock (Zach's Dad)

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