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Joan Henwood, formerly of Cherry Hill. Age 49

The Best and The Worst for the month of August

Bill's Point of View:  

CHEERS to the townships of Cherry Hill and Evesham who recently passed a Pay to Play Reform ordinance. The new law sets maximum amounts professional businesses may contribute politically to a municipal candidate. Hopefully other communities such as Audubon, Gloucester City, Bellmawr, Brooklawn, and Mt. Ephraim will follow suit.  

CHEERS to those responsible for cleaning up the Gloucester City Marina. For years overgrowth in front of the Marina parking lot blocked the view of the Delaware River. With the debris gone there is a beautiful view of the river and Philadelphia skyline 

JEERS to the City of Gloucester City for continuing its practice of placing it's Legal Notices in a paper that is published and circulated in another state.  Most recently, (August  30, 2007) a legal appeared pertaining to the creation of a Senior Citizens Community Center and asking for public comment.  The Gloucester City News was designated by City Council in January as one of the official publications for the community.   The City asks residents to "Shop Local" and then it goes to Philadelphia to spend our tax dollars.  

JEERS to the State Department of Transportation for not cleaning up Collings Road under the Walt Whitman Bridge. The trash and weeds are so high in some spots it is blocking the pedestrian sidewalk. What kind of impression does this give to those entering the City of Gloucester City? And what do visitors think of the State when they see such deplorable conditions not only here but on other state highways.  

CHEERS….A BIG THUMBS UP to all those involved in placing New Welcome Signs at the entrances of Gloucester City. What a great idea. The signs are funded by various local businesses and maintained by local organizations. "We are very happy to say this program will not cost taxpayers a penny," said Mayor Bill James.  

CHEERS AND APPLAUSE to the Gloucester City Mayor's Advisory Committee on feral cats for giving up their time to address this serious problem. Some might not agree with their recommendations but you have to commend them for trying. How easy it is to sit on the sidelines and criticize others. But unless the entire community works together this dilemma will never be solved.  

CHEERS to Gloucester City Mayor Bill James, City council and the Gloucester City Business Association for their hard work in bringing new businesses to the City.  Because of their effort there is a new bank coming to town along with two new restaurants. 

 JEERS to Brooklawn Judge Jeffrey Karl for excusing the parking tickets that were issued to employee (s) of the Gloucester City Housing Office. The reason the Judge gave for dismissing the 8 traffic tickets, it couldn't be determined who was driving the vehicle at the time the tickets were issued. Come on Judge you know that a "parking ticket" is issued to the owner of the vehicle, not the driver.   

And why we are at it, JEERS to the employee or employees in the Housing Office for parking the vehicle in a No Parking Zone in the first place. Not only did you do it once but eight different times.  Just because you are a City employee doesn't mean you are  above the law. And why did you wait to collect eight tickets (issued between Nov. 2006 and May 2007) before addressing the matter. Shame on you!

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