Jay Leno Show: the Tale that took the Prize, submitted by Jes
Rider University 4, La Salle University 1

September 29th 2007, Breakfast Club


The Gloucester City Breakfast Club met on Saturday, September 29 at the Dining Car Depot, Monmouth Street and railroad.

Winner of 50-50, Walt Hall, $72. September treasury report $216. Vote for moving:  Yes 13 N0 15 (the no's have it). Vote for charity donation: Yes 11, No 12 (the no's win). Five people didn't vote. Total members present, 28.

Photo: sitting, from left, Bob Sliwa, Ed Simila, Earl Kaighn, Bill Gross, Joe Miller, Pete Coppola, Frank "Reds" Grandizio, Jim Coppola, and Stu Reckard.

Standing from left, Ed Hubbs, Walt Hall, George Cleary, Butch Shaffer, Bob Bevan, Frank DiFelice, Bill "Wibby" Yeager, Jack "Oats" McDade, Mike Gurcik Sr., Ron Villanova, Ron Raube, Ron Middleton, Chal Tourtual, Joe Boulden, and Jack Persichetti.

Missing from photo: Ken MacAdams, Joe DiGiacomo, Harry Blymer, and Bill Cleary. Don't forget, Ray Ford's Old-timers Meeting, October 19th, doors open 7 PM, Gloucester Hts. Fire Hall, Nicholson Road.
Below: from left, Butch Shaffer, Joe Miller, Pete Coppola


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