The NEWARK 1967 Riots
So Is It Woods or Water


    Regarding Bill's Point of View on August 30, Building May Be Gone, But the Memories Linger On;

    Before it was Sports Corner Bar, 4th and Jersey Avenue, this tavern was "Funk's Café" that opened in the 1920's.

    It used to have free sandwiches on the bar, served lunches and soup was .05 cents. Do you remember?

    People from Philadelphia used to come down every Sunday to play shuffleboard (the first in the area) and enjoy a chicken platter cooked by my dad for 50 cents. They also played darts.

    I recognized a lot of the names in the article because I remember a lot of their dads coming in during the 40's. They also had one of the first televisions. I used to go over on Tuesday night to watch Milton Beryl.

    Yes, there are memories on that corner. I will be eager to see the new restaurant and wish them good luck.

An Old Gloucesterite,

May (Funk) Cunningham, Pitman