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Betty Giglio, of Mt Ephraim, member of Sacred Heart Church

Conditions of RR Tracks in Gloucester City Deplorable

  Henry Hill wrote an informative letter about the condition of the railroad tracks that go through Gloucester City.  Cutting the grass is not the only thing that CSX Transportation Inc. should be required to do by the city government.

    Recently I had a good breakfast at the Dining Car Depot.  After leaving, I paused a few moments to look at the tracks.  The condition of the railroad ties is abominable. They look like they have not been replaced since I was in high school in the 1950's.    

  These tracks are carrying tanker cars containing vinyl chloride, liquefied petroleum gas, and ammonium chloride to mention just a few of the ingredients.  Some of the cars are printed with the words "chlorine inhalation hazard". 

  In view of the fact that one of the freight trains derailed in Camden on September 2nd, shouldn't everyone in Gloucester City be seriously concerned?  After all, if one or more of the tank cars derails in the city and the chemical escapes, it could render catastrophic damage.

  So I beg the citizens of Gloucester City to start writing letters to CSX, and to make a strong effort to keep City Council vigilent.  Otherwise, one might need to go the hardware store, and buy some duct tape so you can seal yourself in the house in case of a serious derailment.

                                                Mary Ziegler, Glassboro