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The Building May be Gone, but the Memories Linger On

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The old Sports Corner Bar, at 4th and Jersey Avenue, Gloucester City is being demolished to make way for a restaurant. The bar has been closed for nearly 20 years and soon the building will be non-existent. JK Venture Enterprises, LLC, the current property owners, have been working diligently to demolish and clean up the site in order to get it ready for their newest endeavor. A family style restaurant.

JK Venture is a UEZ business trading as Tavern on the Edge.

Recently approved at the June Gloucester City Planning/Zoning Board meeting, JK Venture Enterprises, LLC t/a Tavern on the Edge plans to erect a two-story restaurant/bar with outdoor dining to be completed by winter 2008.  

Just the mention of the name brings back some fond memories about the guys who use to hang out at the Sports Corner as it was known back in the 50's, 60's and 70's.  Remember when Jackie Schules owned it? Closing time would come at 2 AM the doors would be locked and anyone still inside would stay around and have a couple beers. Sometimes we watch the sun come up. 

On Saturday night before heading out to "crash" a wedding reception you meet there to kill sometime. Thinking back to that period I can see some of the familiar faces. After all the laughter how can you forget hanging out at "The Corner" with guys like Nipper Nazar, Frank McCully, Ron Raube, Jim Quinn, Sam Long, Sprinkle and Walt Ashe, Jack the Rat, Joe Murphy, John Azzari, Gary Belfiglio, Warren Theckston, Rocky Icavone, Bozo Sharp, Bill Rettig, Budgie O'Hara, Jack Persichette, Chris Gallagher, Koz, Mongo, Buddy Myers, JukeBox Joe DiGiacomo, Jim Hubbard. 

Also, Harry Ferry, Joe Stiles, Aldie DiGiacomo, Marty Sherry, Bill Ozark Underwood,  brother Geo, Bill and Gary Gross, Dempsey, Ron Henefer, Billy McFredericks, Bob Bevan, John Newcome, Choo Choo Murphy, Albie Brandt,  John Hindsley, Bill Tourtual, Jan Ferry,  Joe Brandt, Joe Battersby, Earl Kaighn, Butch Shaeffer, Corkie McNutt, Reds and Skippy Grandizio, OneEye Sharp are just some of the names that come to mind when thinking about this once popular watering hole.

Well the building may be gone but the memories can never be erased. Gloucester City continues to make progress. I for one can't wait for the new restaurant to open, the plans for it look great.  It certainly will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.  To view the site plan of the restaurant, click here.