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Reminder: This Saturday Browns Shoprite Wiffleball Reunion

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Gaetano's entered the 2007 Tournament slotted as an 8 to 1 favorite. The early odds were based on rumors that both Pat Burrell and Chase Utley would be team members of Gaetano's. Team President Alan Baker stated that Chase had never played wiffleball and Pat would struggle to adjust to the 110 MPH fastballs and because of this Baker removed both professional players from his roster and added two cooks and then hired pitcher Ed Horner. This forced the oddsmakers in Vegas to move Gaetano's up to the middle of the pack to 3 to 1.

A battle is being waged by the Healy – Mc Cann's Funeral Home team making this tourney even more interesting. In the past this team died early but when Rudy Decker and several team members departed from the Etherington's Team and joined the Healy – Mc Cann's team it placed a lot of pressure on Healy's and anything short of a final four finish would be disappointing.

Back this year after a 10 year layoff is Bernie's Tire. Manager Bernie Beri an aging over the hill softball player has brought along Greg Coxe to offer an infusion of young blood but did not bring a dominate pitcher forcing Vegas to make them an early 7 to 1 favorite.

Continued turmoil has hampered the Jeep Mac Adams team in the past and this year is no exception. Rumor has it that first year manager Colin Mac Adams has released previous manager and brother Shane Mac Adams from the team citing Shane lack of sportsmanship.

But two teams who will again continue to be nice guys "but nice guys finish last" are the Massengale Team from Delaware and Lipkins Drugs. Chris Massengale is 0 for 10 years and Lipkin's Tom Lindsay has benefitted from generous team pairings in the past. Let's just say it "THEY STINK". 

The Mudhen's (Harrum, Reagle and Marshall) are good workers and will expect a good pairing,  C.W.Clarke (Kevin Fahy, Nick Alloway)can't seem to finish out any tournament unless it is the bottom bracket and Memorial A.A. (John Herman, Al Boulden) better known as the "BAD BOYS" are now past their prime and will again prove nothing, but will bring a good looking following. And we can't forget last year's runner-up with Joe Scully at the helm. His team has dedicated this season to a departed player and will have a sponsor. (yet to be named)  

Pat Gartland and Joe Driscoll continue to talk a good game but sometime this RJP team must try and compete. Dan Mc Carthy is retired and the young kids are just that - young kids. We already used STINK can't think of another word, use your own here________.

In less than a week Ben's Barber, Back to Front, Spingler Floor Covering, Erin's Secret Garden, Liberty Alarm, Smith Realty and Darrow- American will have to make adjustment to their roster in order to compete. The John Lindeborn's, Bruce Darrow's and George Spingler's and George Jr must finally produce or they will lose their sponsorship. Good thing these teams are friends of Bruce Darrow or this group of wantabees would be doing the grilling. Don't expect more then 2 or 3 total combined wins from all of these teams.

With all of the new adjustments made in this field of 32 teams and with the horrendous play of many teams only two teams stand tall and that is 5 time champion Brooklawn Citgo and Zizzamia Electric. The "Z" team because Mike is finally retired and because the Cipolone boys are fun to watch and if Blaise can continue to dominate and brothers Tadd and Brad Underagedrinking_jake continue their offensive onslaught it could be a number 6 for Brooklawn Citgo.

Maybe the oddsmaker's are over reacting to the rumor mills but one thing the oddsmaker's are never wrong about is the fun these players and family will receive.

All of this begins Saturday, September 1 at 10:00 with the Championship Game scheduled for 9:00 pm. The Ken Mac Adams block party begins at 3:00 PM