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RYAN CORPORAL MARC T. ;November 15, 2004
The Building May be Gone, but the Memories Linger On

Letters: Mt. Holly's Spaventa put children first

Paul Spaventa, short in stature, faced an awesome dilemma.

He had to search his soul and answer the following question: Do I dance with the devil or serve the people?

Spaventa, the superintendent of Mount Holly schools, chose the latter, knowing there would be hell to pay.

He persevered and within the span of two short years proved his worth by:


1. Mandating that all who serve the taxpayers of Mount Holly adopt the necessary mindset to ensure educational growth.

2. Establishing a bond — not superficial link — between home, school and community.

3. Functioning as a superintendent with a vision and driven purpose.

Spaventa's resolve created discord among leaders of the Mount Holly Educational Association and some community representatives who traditionally ruled supreme. Mean-spirited tactics ate away at his soul.


The Gloucester City Board of Education realized he was a godsend and provided him with an offer he couldn't refuse.

He agonized over the opportunity to serve the people without dancing with the devil.

Unfortunately, Spaventa will be leaving Mount Holly in mid-November. Journey onward those that put the children first — we'll miss you.


Paul Bracy

Mount Holly