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The Building May be Gone, but the Memories Linger On
Proprietors Park Name should be changed to Veteran’s Park


First off, I agree with Stephen Roche about changing the names of the streets. There is nothing wrong with the names they have. Are these people looking at all the work and tax dollars it will take to make such a "stupid" move?

Gloucester has had many heroes, so how come all at once we have a few important ones?

My husband about lost his life in the "real" war in the 1940s. That war was declared on the United States – it was not one man's war because someone took a pot shot at his dad.

My dad served in the Navy, too. He also is a hero – he raised seven girls in Gloucester. They all turned out good and have good husbands. That took some doing, too.

Maybe we could at least get the 400 block of Powell Street named John B. Spence.

I do feel for these moms, dads and families that lost a loved one in Bush's war. It is really bad, but for the life of us – we cannot bring them back. This is sad.

I wonder how these other families feel that lost their kids in the 40s. No one seems to remember "that" war and those heroes. So, I say no to my hometown to change street names. It is a big mistake.

This money would be "better spent" just cleaning up all the trashy yards and homes these outsider's cause.

Jackie Sorensen, Odebolt, IA