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Historical Reprints of Scenes and Documents of Gloucester City Have a New Home


The large paintings or reprints of early Gloucester City that hung for decades on the walls of the PNC Bank in Gloucester City have been moved to the third floor of O'Hara's Pub on King Street. The bank is in the middle of remodeling their Monmouth Street office and had no further use for the pictures. 


2 Because of their historical value, Bob Bevan, (top photo) from the City's Community Relations Office, talked with PNC officials and was able to save the photos from the dumpster. 

Bevan said the pictures are so large the only place that had a high enough ceiling to hang the reprints was  at O'Hara's. "One portrait is 5 feet wide x 20 feet long and another was 10 feet wide x 15 feet long", said Bevan

Bevan added that the owner of O'Hara's is thinking about calling the third floor of the pub "The Gloucester City Room". 

And the City's Historical Society, located on  King Street a few doors from O'Hara's,  plans to have a sign made directing their visitors to the  Pub to view the portraits.

"This scenario is still in the talking stage; nothing has been finalized", Bevan said.

Last week Bevan, Mike Niedzwadek along with Tom Wright and Jake McCleary from J Ferry Fence moved the portraits to O'Hara's.  The job was supervised by Ken MacAdams, who also took the photos.


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