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Gloucester City Mayor & Council Agenda for August meeting

Thursday, August 23, 2007






1.    Call Meeting to Order:


2.    Pledge of Allegiance


3.    Roll Call:


4.    Open Public Meetings Act Notice:  This meeting is being held in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act, otherwise known as the "Sunshine Law."  It has been legally noticed in accordance with the law and copies have been given to those requesting the same.


5.    Information Session – EPA Brownfields Clean-up Workplan – Vanguard Vinyl


6.    Resolutions:

R204    Accepting a Grant from the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety

R205    Accepting a Grant from the United States Department of Homeland Security

R206    Endorsing a Contract Amendment to the Gloucester City Urban Enterprise zone FY2008 Administration Budget

R207    Authorizing a Place to Place Transfer of Plenary Retail Consumption License #0414-33-029-007 Heretofore Issued to Vitale's Italian Eatery II, Inc.


7.    Ordinances:

For second reading and public hearing this evening:

O20    Amending Ordinances O06-2007, O10-2004 Regulating the Salaries of the Employees of the City of Gloucester City, County of Camden, State of New Jersey.


8.    Old Business/New Business:

a)    Bills paid from July 20 to August 15, 2007                          $538,340.67


Bills approved on August 23, 2007                              $375,684.74


Total amount being approved                              $914,025.41


9.    Open Forum:

    The Governing Body has approved the following rules governing the procedures of the Open (General) Public Forum: Any citizen or taxpayer wishing to address the Governing Body may do so after approaching the rail, stating his or her name and address and being recognized by the chair.  Said citizen or taxpayer will then be permitted to address the Governing Body for five minutes.  After all persons wishing to address the Governing Body have had the opportunity, persons may approach the rail for a second and final five-minute interval during this session.


10.        Adjournment: