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South Jersey Bass Club ASSN.

The South Jersey Bass Club Association is a non-profit Images organization serving twenty-five bass fishing clubs in the area encompassing southern and central New Jersey. The SJBCA works to prevent tournament scheduling conflicts, specifically to ensure multiple tournaments are not held on the same body of water simultaneously. Moreover, the SJBCA promotes the sport of bass fishing and serves as the voice of South Jersey’s bass fishermen to the government. Money raised by the association is used to support various community activities and fishing events.

The SJBCA assists the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife with lake improvement projects when help is needed. Most recently, the SJBCA has helped prepare Lake Audrey in Cumberland County for fish stocking.

The organization is very focused on fishing activities that involve children. August calls for the South Jersey Youth Outdoor Day which the SJBCA co-hosts at Carney’s Point in Salem County. This free fishing- and shooting-sports event attracts 150 kids and their parents. It allows young people to experience outdoor activities without having any expertise, equipment, or supplies.

The SJBCA holds eight regular member meetings annually, and a special pre-Bass Bowl meeting in October. Meetings generally take place in a clubhouse near Parvin State Park. All meetings provide members with refreshments and the July meeting offers members a lakeside barbeque at Parvin State Park.

All clubs who fish in the southern or central New Jersey area who believe they could benefit from membership in the SJBCA are invited to join. Member clubs pay dues of only $20 per year. "Associate" memberships, which only require attendance at one meeting per year, are available for clubs who may have difficulty attending the meetings. To join, contact the SJBCA for an invitation to a info