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Renaming Streets in Memory of City’s War Heroes’ A Hardship; Not For Me

Bill's Point of View:

(Hardship: noun, adversity, misfortune, suffering, burden, affliction) 

The proposal to rename some streets in Gloucester City in memory of citizens who have died fighting for our country has started quite a controversy I have been told.  An article about the renaming streets in honor of City heroes appeared in last Thursday's Gloucester City News.  Soon after the phones started to ring in the Municipal Building from people who opposed the idea.

The article mentioned that the Mayor's Advisory Committee was conducting a feasibility study. "Nothing will be done until the study is completed. The public will be informed of the outcome before any streets are renamed," said Ted Howarth a member of the committee. He added the committe welcomes the public input both pro and con.

Those who complained said if their street is renamed it would create a hardship to have to change their driver's license and other documents. I can understand their concerns.  After all the news release that came from the Advisory Committee said the public would only have several months to make any necessary address changes.  Howarth said that part of the release should have said four years instead several months.

I recommend we all take a moment to think about the suggestion before getting upset. Some thought should be given to the "Hardship" that the honorees and their families had to endure. All we are being asked to do is change the address on a couple of documents.  The soldiers gave their lives for us to live in the greatest Nation in the world.  And we are complaining about it being a "Hardship" to fill out a form to change our address on our license or other documents.

I really don't believe any of us would mind that little inconvenience if we took a moment to put ourselves in the shoes of the mother or father who lost a son fighting for our country.

Let's give the committee sometime to study the proposal before jumping to conclusions.  Myself I would love to see the name of my street changed to Hamacher Road.  I knew Billy Hamacher personality, who died during the Vietnam War. He was a great guy.  I also knew the other Vietnam soldiers from our City who died on a first name basis. If Hamacher Road is taken I would have no problem if my street was changed to one of the other names.

And finally I urged our Mayor and Council members not to buckle under just because they are receiving a little flack on what I believe is a great idea.

What is your opinion?