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Reward training your dog

Reward training is quite possibly one of the oldest methods of training dogs, dating back to the days when people started trying to domesticate wild animals. It is probably the method of dog training that most of us are familiar with, and it is a natural instinct to reward the dog when they perform the task that we have asked of them.

Some people prefer to use a combination of the reward training methods and the leash and collar training to get the best out of their dog in the least time. Some dogs respond better to reward training than leash and collar training so your decision might depend on what method you see working the best with your dog.

Reward training for dogs, has seen a remarkable increase in popularity over recent years with many people finding this as their preferred method of training their new puppies. There is no definitive answer as to what the best type of dog training is, as some dogs respond better to one technique than others.

There are certainly some advanced techniques that are taught in the top dog training manuals that will ensure you train your dog, faster and easier than trying to do so on your own.

Most dogs will respond to some extent, to either method of training, and any training is certainly better than none, even if you only teach your dog the most basic commands.

Reward training is even used for dogs that work in the military and police. Those dogs that are used for scent detection and tracking are also often trained using some form of reward training. Generally, reward training is in the form of some type of food reward.

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