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Tsuyu or the Rainy Season


By Hank Miller,

Hank is former resident of Gloucester City


Umbrellas The rainy season sets in around mid-June and lasts for about one month and a half in almost all regions of the Japanese archipelago. 


The of high cold atmospheric pressure front over the Sea of Okhotsk and warm high atmospheric pressure front over the Pacific gives rise to this phenomenon. 


Because it is the time when ume or Japanese plums ripen, the season is called baiu or tsuyu "(ume-rain") 


During tsuyu, rain falls on and off for several weeks, or sometimes it continues to rain for days on end without stopping. The grey skies, together with high humidity of the season, mean that this is a very gloomy period for most people. It does not, however, necessarily follow that to have the rainy season is all bad, because at this time of the year, farmers, with all the rain it brings, plant rice, and the rice paddies need a good deal of water.


Tsuyu is a natural blessing to them. 


Warm Regards from Kitakyushu City, Japan