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Looking for Information on the Hinky-Dinks & the Brooklawn Hamburger

Hi Bill; 


I recently found your Notebook after renewing old acquaintances 5 with fellow members of the GHS Class of '66, and have been a regular reader since. Over the years


I've had a couple of things on my mind about the old stomping grounds that I couldn't satisfy through normal internet means, and thought maybe you could help.  


Having attended Highland Park School from 1954 to 1958, I was scolded regularly for playing on the "Hinky-Dinks". The "Hinks", if you're unfamiliar, were long piles of dirt originally intended as elevation for a railroad line that was never built. I've managed over the years to learn a lot about the proposed railroad and its demise, but the thing that has nagged at me is the origin of the name "Hinky-Dinks". It had to mean something, once upon a time. 


The other thing that I have sought in vain for, for a very long time, is a picture of the "BeefBurger". The "Beef" was a hamburger place in the Brooklawn Shopping Center in a building that was shaped like a hamburger. Try convincing some people that the place you hung out at as a teen was a building shaped like a hamburger. 


Any of this sounds familiar? Is there hope?  


Any light you could shed on any of this would be appreciated, as I have several others interested at this point,  



Ron Brittin 

Sewell (Mantua Township), NJ