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Tsuyu or the Rainy Season

Do You Remember The Porterettes?


In the late 50's early 60's a group of dance students from Gertrude Porter's Dance Studio in Gloucester City would travel to Atlantic City to perform in Tony Grant's Stars of Tomorrow show located on Steel Pier.

We can only identify some of the Porterettes, if you recognize any of the missing names please email BillGCN@verizon.net.

From left: 1. Mary (Sheldon) Dolrnte, 2, 3,  4, Faith (?),  5. Donna (Hoffman) Henefer, 6. Mary Alice (White) Birchmeire, 7. Carol (Stuebing) Colton, 8. Eleanor (Sandell) ?  9. Nancy (Hoffman) Forchic, 10. Connie (Sarlo) Cleary.