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Juvenile Delinquents destroy Lions Club Rest Stop



(photos and article by Bill Cleary)

The Gloucester City Lions Club Gazebo was demolished today, Tuesday, December 26 by workers from the City Highway Department. According to Dayl Baile, Lions Club President, the action was taken because vandals had continually destroyed the gazebo over the past several years.

The structure was erected, using pressure treated wood, in 1998 by volunteers from the Lions Club. The public also contributed funds for memorial bricks. The rest stop was for joggers and the public to have a spot to sit and enjoy the peacefulness of the area. The idea for the project came about during the tenure of Lions Club president Charles Thomson who headed the club at the time. Baile said the club had asked the City to take the structure down. "It was in such bad shape we were afraid it would collapse and hurt someone," he said.

Baile said for months the members would replace the wood slats and within days the slats would be broken again. Recently he said the juvenile delinquents had climbed onto the roof of the shelter and dismantled parts of the shingles and wood. “They even stole the flags we had flying on the flag poles,” he said.

“We have plans to build a new one. This time it will be made out of steel,” Baile said. The Lions Club is looking for corporate sponsors to help them with the construction costs. If anyone is interested in contacting Mr. Baile they can send an email to [email protected] and ClearysNotebook will forward the message to him.

The first photo shows the plaque which gives credit to Lions Club President Charles Thomson for conceiving  the idea. And it also thanks the people who contributed funds. The second photo is a shot of where the structure stood prior to be demolished today by city highway workers.