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We have a right to Gloucester City a cancer pit?


In response to Bill’s Opinion, “Yes Bill, we the people of Gloucester City do need to be informed.”

We need to know how high the levels of thorium and radon are in the town.
Gloucester City seems to be surrounded by high levels of radio-active substances.Letters_6

Here is information on the health effects of thorium: Breathing high levels of Thorium dust increases the chance of lung diseases, liver dis-eases and effects the blood. People who are exposed to cigarette smoke, radon gas and thorium can get cancer of the lung, pancreas, blood can-cer, liver tumors, leukemia, tumors of the bone, kidney, spleen and pancreas.

How many people in this City do you know that has died of cancer? In every house on my street people have died from cancer. I want to know how high the levels of these radioactive substances are.

I have the right to know and so do you. I bet if all the lights went out in Gloucester City, the ground would glow all over our town. Start put-ting pressure on our officials.

In the 1980s, it was known that there were high levels of radon in Gloucester City. Hey folks, it is 2006, almost 2007. Demand to know how high the levels are. I demand to know.

Elizabeth Vizoco, Gloucester City