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Gloucester City Council Meeting December 7, 2006


At the Gloucester City Council Meeting held Thursday, December 7th an ordinance was passed on second reading amending the code of Gloucester City entitled 15-minute parking.
This ordinance will give two local businesses a designated 15-minute parking spot so shoppers can come in and get what they need quickly.  The ordinance was passed with a four to one vote.  Councilman Patrick Keating abstained from voting while Councilman Raymond Coxe opposed the ordinance.
Theresa Graham questioned this ordinance, “How can two businesses have 15-minute parking when others do not have it?”
Councilman Anthony “Rocky” Kormann assured Graham that the council is trying to give the 15-minute parking on need basis. 
An ordinance relating the sex offenders, which had been tabled at the previous meeting due to incorrect advertisement, was passed on second reading.  The ordinance was re-advertised but there was no change in the actual ordinance. 
Three resolutions were adopted as presented, the first of which authorized the execution of professional services contract with Remington and Vernick Engineers.
The second resolution authorized the payment to certain employees in consideration of their waiver of group health benefits.
The last resolution adopted as presented appointed a board of directors of the enterprise zone development corporation of Gloucester City.
An ordinance amending the adopting and instituting benefits policy for regular full-time non-represented employees of Gloucester City which was tabled on October 5th was once again tabled with a four to one vote.  Councilwoman Jean Kaye abstained from voting.  Councilman Kormann opposed the voting. 
At the end of the meeting Councilman Kormann took time to thank everyone who had worked on the Gloucester City Christmas that took place Saturday December 2nd.
Mayor Thomas Kilcourse also thanked everyone who has supported him during his years as mayor and those who come to the meetings every month. 
Councilman William Hagan was absent from this meeting.
The next Gloucester City Council Meeting will be held January 4th 2007 at 8 PM at City Hall, 313 Monmouth Street.